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The Follow-Up Question

Jul 25, 2022

What if you lost your voice? What if you lost the ability to communicate with the world in the ways you love?


How would your life change? In what ways would your priorities shift?


That’s the story this week’s guest brings to the show.


Greg Offner lost his voice — literally — in 2015. 


As a singer, Greg was stripped of the communication outlet that brought him the most joy.


He endured more than a dozen surgeries to bring his voice back, and he had to spend two months in total silence to let his vocal cords heal.


Greg eventually regained the ability to speak, and now, he’s sharing what the experience revealed to him, how he dealt with the loss, how he recovered in more ways than just vocally, and why he’s trying to get others to embrace disruption for the good it can bring.


Check out Greg's work at, and connect with him on LinkedIn ( or Twitter (