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Rethinking Communication

Jul 31, 2023

If I were to ask, “Do you know someone addicted to drama?” there’s a good chance someone’s name and face immediately popped into your mind.


In the immortal words of those epic modern day poets, The Black Eyed Peas: "I think the whole world's addicted to the drama; Only attracted to things that'll bring you...

Jul 17, 2023

Imagine I'm standing right across from you and I tell you I'm thinking about eating a steak. Psychology tells us that you likely would assume that was true, and that actually, you assume the things most people tell you are true.


But how can you be sure?


In this episode, I speak with Dr. Kurt Gray, a professor of...

Jul 3, 2023

Is there anything a person can do that makes them unworthy of our empathy, curiosity, or compassion?


What if they’ve done something truly heinous?


This episode features my conversation with Robin Steinberg, who spent 35 years as a public defender in New York representing people in court who couldn’t afford a...