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Rethinking Communication

Dec 20, 2023

You know the old saying “Never judge a book by its cover?”


I’ll admit, this week’s guest put me to the test.


Gary John Bishop is what he calls an “urban philosopher” and a New York Times bestselling author of titles such as Stop Doing That Sh*t, Wise and F*ck, Love Unf*cked, and his most well-known work, Unf*ck Yourself.


Gary’s got a new book out called “Grow Up: Becoming the Parent Your Kids Deserve.” And when I agreed to the interview, I did so with a heavy dose of skepticism.


But trust me when I tell you, my expectations of this conversation and the conversation that actually took place could not be more different.


In this interview, Gary brings a depth and perspective about personal growth, blame, truth, and yes, even a little bit of parenting that left my first impressions of Gary and his work in tatters.


As Gary wrote in his book, “Grow Up” is a must for all human beings, regardless of their parental status, and the same holds true for this conversation and the wisdom Gary shares in encouraging us all to be someone who can ask a question that changes everything.