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Rethinking Communication

Nov 13, 2023

I’ve mentioned many times that I am a lifelong Christian, and perhaps when you heard that you made some assumptions about me — about what I believe, about what I am not only for, but what I am against, about how I see the world and those living in it.


And know that I’m not judging you for that. That’s a human thing to do.


But the conversation you’re about to hear might challenge a lot of those assumptions — whether you’re Christian or not. Whether you believe in God or don’t. 


This conversation with Pastor Mark Feldmeir explores the many questions I and many others like me are asking about our faith, undergirded by this notion or idea that questioning faith is actually a good thing.


Mark is the author of a new book called Life After God: Finding Faith When You Can’t Believe Anymore. In it, Mark challenges the understanding of God that many Christians insist is so clear in the Bible, but that makes faith seem like an all-or-nothing proposition.


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