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The Follow-Up Question

Nov 14, 2022

My guest on this episode equates conversation to being on a playground, where there is humor, joy, curiosity, exploration, and yes, some arguments and hurt feelings. And feeling bold enough to invite others onto our own personal playgrounds requires us to first uncover some things about ourselves and how we wish to interact with those around us.


You’re about to hear my conversation with Dr. Corey Yeager, a licensed marriage and family therapist as well as the psychotherapist for the National Basketball Association’s Detroit Pistons.


Doc recently released a new book called “How Am I Doing? 40 conversations to have with yourself”


As you’ll hear Doc describe in this conversation, before we can begin to understand others and communicate effectively with others around us — the other people on the playground — we have to first have a level of awareness about ourselves that unfortunately, very few of us pour much effort into achieving.


And that’s why Doc wrote his book. To give you a starting point to learn how to ask yourself the questions that will inform your ability to interact appropriately with those around you.


Check out Doc's work at, connect with him on Twitter at, and buy his book at