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The Follow-Up Question

Sep 18, 2022

One of the things that drives me crazy about modern society and culture is our tendency to call people names and assign them labels to avoid leaning into the uncomfortable conversations that exist when we disagree.


These names and labels — which are often untrue — carry with them enormous power to shut down productive conversation about important issues and they have the power to crush lives.


My guest this week, Jack Buckby, is all too familiar with this reality. A former member of a far-right extremist group, the British National Party, Jack has a perspective of the damage that can be done with names and labels are thrown about in bad faith and attributed to anyone with whom one disagrees.


Though he's no longer in a far-right group, Jack is still a conservative in many ways, and he's trying to get others to realize the harm labels and names can do to people who more often than not simply need an outlet to voice their concerns and be heard.


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