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The Follow-Up Question

Aug 8, 2022

My guest this week is Dr. Christia Spears Brown, author of the book "Unraveling Bias: How prejudice has shaped children for generations and why it’s time to break the cycle."


Christia explores how biases passed down through generations and through systems have time and time again come to a breaking point with children standing at ground zero of the struggle.


In reading Christia's book, I was struck by how often children are the rope in an ideological game of tug of war between warring and sparring adults.


Christia writes in her book: "When we start trying to unravel bias, it becomes clear how often children are the collateral damage to adults’ biases and biased policies."


In our conversation, Christia and I discuss how vitally important it is that we as adults have real, honest, frank conversations about bias with children so that they are not left to put the clues and pieces of the puzzle together themselves based on observing how their parents and other adults act.


You can connect with Christia at, or on Twitter at