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The Follow-Up Question

Feb 21, 2022

My guest this week, Bruce Ledewitz, characterizes the era we are currently living in as the Age of Evasion.


In the Age of Evasion, irony replaces reason and passion replaces planning. And a lack of or even complete loss of faith.


As a man who grew up religious who now is atheist, Bruce has a unique perspective on this loss of faith and what it has meant to our society.


Yet interestingly enough, Bruce is also hopeful.


In his new book, The Universe is on Our Side: Restoring Faith in American Public Life, Bruce seeks to answer the question: Is the universe on our side?


To those of us who believe in a higher power, the answer is an easy one, but there needs to be a deliberate attempt to understand how and why others don’t come to this same conclusion.


And as for the answer for people like Bruce, who don’t believe in God, he actually makes the case that even so, yes, the universe is on our side.


And if the answer is yes no matter where you stand on the topic of God, it has huge implications for our ability to overcome our lack of significance, trust, and faith.


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