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The Follow-Up Question

Jan 10, 2022

The United States is an experiment. And like any experiment, there have been times when it has failed miserably to produce sound, quality results for its people.


But the beauty, the promise, the hope, is in the trying. The beacon of light that so many view as the United States is wrapped up in the action plan put forth by the founding fathers to pursue becoming a more perfect union.


My guest this week is Reverend Adam Russell Taylor, president of Sojourners, a Christian organization working to advance peace and justice. He’s recently released a book called “A More Perfect Union: A new vision for building the beloved community.”


In his book, Adam says we’re at a point in our history where we need a new common moral vision that can unite the country. We need a bigger story of “us,” one that exemplifies the fact that we are a nation made up of so many divergent backgrounds, identities, beliefs, and ideals.


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