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Rethinking Communication

Jul 19, 2021

On a hike in Joshua Tree National Forest in 2018, Claire Nelson mistakenly veered far from the trail and fell 25 feet after an unfortunate misstep — a fall that shattered her pelvis and left her immobile.


For four days, Claire lay alone in the sweltering heat of the California desert, reflecting on her life, her fears, and the things she had held most dear.


Claire survived, she's recently released a book, Things I Learned from Falling, to describe how her rescue and subsequent recovery came to pass, and she's this week's guest here on The Follow-Up Question.


While waiting for a rescue she was never certain would come, Claire gained a perspective shift that has caused her to see the world and its worries through a strikingly different lens, and it is this perspective I had to understand better.


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