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Rethinking Communication

Jul 5, 2021

My guest this week is hip hop artist and poet Jason "Propaganda" Petty. He’s got a new book out called, Terraform: Building a Better World. And after reading it and digging more into Prop’s work, I haven’t been able to look at my morning cup of coffee the same.


This conversation with Prop went to some deep places. He’s an intensely observational man … not much gets past him. And it flows into the art he creates, taking social issues, cultural issues, religious issues, and making them as accessible as that morning cup of coffee.


Prop and I discuss this strange push to make every issue we face a zero-sum game — that in order for me to win, you must lose — and how in the end, he believes we don’t have a math problem. We have a philosophy problem.


Watch "If Coffee Were a Man."


Check out Prop's work at and connect with him on Instagram and Twitter.